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Hear from others who have used the Mooncup!

We asked several women to share their Mooncup experiences and this is what they have to say.


"I've used it ever since my menses came back, and I cannot fault it - it makes having a period so much more pleasant. It's easy to put in and take out, and I don't feel a thing when it is in (didn't even need to trim the stem). I never liked the feel of pads (bulky, smelly, itchy and a constant *reminder* that I'm having a period) and I was always a little nervous about using a tampon (stories of toxic shock, fibres causing cancer, etc) so I'm so glad to have found the Mooncup. It's so convenient when going out as I don't have to remember to pack anything, and I can use it overnight confidently." - Amy Chin-Atkins (Click here to read more)


"When I first heard about the Mooncup, I immediately thought that it was for eco-friendly mothers I've read about, definitely not for someone like me, a working woman in a fast-paced, consumable society. However, I started menstruating when my son turned 15 months old, I found that I could no longer wear disposable sanitary pads & tampons for long periods, they both cause immense discomfort in our humid weather. Discovering the Mooncup changed all that." - Ginny Phang (Click here to read more)


"As a tampon user, I've enjoyed the benefits of not feeling anything wedged between my legs, no odour, no mess and easy flush disposal for more than 15 years. Yet I've always been bothered by the thought of - What if I'm one of the 3% that gets toxic shock? I've also found it difficult to prevent the strings from getting yucky whenever I go to the toilet. " - Kelly Lim (Click here to read more)


"I came across the Mooncup quite by accident. While doing research on the Web during my stint as a magazine writer this year, I learnt something shocking in 1998, 7 billion tampons and 13 billion pads made their way into landfills in the US alone . I've been an armchair environmentalist for most of my life, but the visualization of all this waste just revolted me.

I've also always hated pads, as they tended to give me terrible diaper rash, but was wary of tampons because of the high risk of toxic shock syndrome. I knew there were reusable sanitary pads, but the prospect of having to get them washed sounded rather tedious." - Sheri Goh (Click here to read more)

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